The Future is Mobile

The market for mobile apps is growing at an exponential rate, with annual global mobile app downloads reaching over 265 billion.  It is true to say that these numbers only scratch the surface of growing trends in mobile applications. In addtion to direct revenue, there are aso marketing and branding benefits, driving customer loyality and walk-in traffic through tiny billboards carried in millions of wallets, pockets and hands. 

Over 1/2 of adults use their mobile device to make purchasing decisions  and of course customers are looking for instant information to keep them engaged.

The Benefits of Going Mobile

The great news is that you can sustain targeted high exposure marketing in a cost effective manner by going mobile, sending out push notifications to targeted users, SMS to alert to specialoffers and of course integration with exisitng software, sites and platforsm such as social media channels.

Stages in App Development

Planning and Analysis: Why do you need an app? Who is the traget market? What benefits are you seeking? How will you monetise?

Design: What do you want the app to do? What do you want the app to look like? Who will access the app and on what devices?

Marketing: Who is the main target audience for your app?


How ScotApps  will Create Your App

Scotapps  will assist with all stages of your app development process, including getting listed in the appropriate App Store, where specific guidelines have to be followed.  Scotapps will develop your unique and striking app that fits your needs and we can walk you through the whole process in a language you can understand and appreciate.