Start Up Businesses

The world has gone mobile, so making an app the centre piece of your new business just makes sense. You need to be ahead of the game.

Customers are spending more and more time on a mobile device, together we can  launch a new app for your business start up, whether it is a subscription based model, e-commerce or content, we will work  with you to grow your customer base.

We will work together on the design and build, agree the desired goals and how best to acheive them.  So let us guide you through the adventure that is launching an app.

Funding is available in a lot of cases and we will advise you from the get go if this an option for you.  If it isn't, don't dispair, we can work with you to get the app up and running by agreeing a monthly payment that will fit in well with your budgetary requirements.

Call us now and we can start this exciting journey!