We have re-invented the concept!  What concept you may add?  Well 22 years ago when the digital age really started to come to the fore, we had our first website.  Comments consisted of. "Why do you have a website when you have a telephone?" and  "Websites will never catch on". 

Get the drift?

Pattern emerging here, that change is hard to accept, unless forced too and we all know how much the world has changed in the last 3 years....

At Scotapps, we embraced the new technologies and how apps could and would become a game changer and just before the pandemic we launched our first app that encompassed everything. we knew and loved about the hospitality and events sector, then boom, we all know what happened then!

We have now created and designed apps in many sectors, all unique in design and features, so instead of thinking why do I need an app when I could have a website,  consider the habits of  your now customer base and how to keep them loyal to you.

We have provided a longlist of features here, that you must consider to keep your customers coming back to you and not to the folk two doors down and one across! 

We won't charge you an arm or a leg but wherever there is funding we will try to open the doors for you.


Get in touch, give us a call, send us an email or   even a text, happy to talk and get you up and running!